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The Power of Thought

We have the power to think ourselves in and out of virtually any situation. A lot of the times, we actually do! However, any action that we take in our lives starts with the mindset of thinking that we can or cannot achieve something.

We shape our reality based on the way we think about ourselves and our lives, so it is important to be conscious of the way we feel and frame different situations that we face.

We must be aware of the negative thoughts that could come floating into our minds. If we are to face hardship, we can either let that experience cripple us and damage us for any similar future experiences, or we can choose to rise above. The choice is really up to us.

Recently I have been bogged down by negative thoughts, as a result of my negative mindset. In the process of healing from my skin condition, my mental health has suffered a lot and started affecting my thoughts. I started to not feel worthy and all my previous advice that I gave to practice compassionate self-talk kind of went out the window.

I have not been in the best head space recently, but with my recovery, I feel I am starting to get better physically and mentally. I am rebuilding my mental resilience that I had before, I feel more capable of tackling tough situations (instead of feeling exhausted just at the thought of them) and I am starting to feel happier and confident enough to see the ones I love again.

The truth is I was letting my condition define me, as well as my mood and the way I viewed myself. Are there some days that are better than others? Of course. But I have to always remind myself to stay grateful of how far I have come, and to be hopeful for what is ahead.

I have developed a stronger sense of self and mental resilience through this experience, although it hasn't been easy. That is what really made me realize the power of our thoughts.

As Rhonda Byrne states in The Secret:

“If you want to change anything in your life, change the channel and change the frequency by changing your thoughts.”

I am not a huge believer in manifesting because I believe a large amount of work also goes into creating the lives we want to live, but I agree with this quote. At first, we can pass it off as some self-help fluff that won't bring us anywhere. However, if we analyze this further and even start to apply it, we realize that we really can fake it 'til we make it.

If you are not feeling your best, I am not saying to plaster a smile on your face. I am a strong believer in feeling your emotions, no matter what they are, and listening to your body. So once you have felt your emotions, you can decide to start making little changes in your thoughts. Instead of feeling hopeless and wallowing in your misery (I was certainly guilty of that), we can choose to pick ourselves up and do something that we enjoy.

This goes a long way in changing our mindset, and gives us a bit of a mental boost. It could help boost our endorphins, and even make us think happier, more hopeful thoughts about the future.

I am not going to say that positive thinking is the be all/end all to living a better life, but it certainly is a start! We don't have to be perfect all the time, but having a more positive mindset going forward could bring a lot of good into our lives. We can even be more open to experiences we may have previously shut ourselves off from.

So think about who you want to be, and what you want your life to look like. It all starts with you.

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