Hello there!

Welcome to Common Sense Living!

My name is Catherine and I am a personal blogger. I like cooking, reading, and have rediscovered a love for writing. Because of this, I started this lifestyle blog and an Instagram account posting original quotes and other inspirational quotes from writers I admire. I also write a short post underneath detailing what I thought of these quotes, as well as some personal anecdotes.

From there, I branched out into several more forms of social media, and even started my own podcast! (It's called Common Sense Living and you can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts).

I am not claiming to be a wellness guru or life coach, in fact I am still figuring out life myself. But I have always loved the concept of lifelong learning, and taking risks is the best way of doing so.

I hope that you follow me along on this journey, where I can teach you things I have learned in my life so far, and you can share some of your stories too. 

Wanting to live a better life, it's just common sense!

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