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Today I was listening to a podcast from Valuetainment's Patrick Bet-David and he shared a smart piece of information that anyone (and everyone) should apply to their own lives: concentrate.

What does that mean exactly? He talks a lot about how there is so much stimuli in our current society and that we have more options than we ever had, as well as so much freedom to do whatever we want. Compared to 100 years ago, we no longer need to be farmers if we came from a family of farmers. That is why, in more recent years, we have seen a wave of entrepreneurs and small businesses (physical and online) popping up.

Why? Because anyone CAN do it.

But you really don't know until you try, right?

The importance of concentrating your energy on one goal is that you will take a direct line instead of a detour. Your detour could provide distractions, and end up not serving your end goal. In reality, anyone can build their own business and the reason why some of these fail is because they do not concentrate all their attention into making it work. Sometimes, it is just external factors that we have no control over, but we must try regardless to make it work.

In the end, we must make a plan and be conscious of the decisions we make. Is this decision in line with the life I want to live? How will this decision help me in the future? Ask yourself these questions, and know that if you have a passion, don't wait around for some outside force to make it happen. You have to concentrate on what you want and make it happen.


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