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Adapt to Change

Today is March 13th, 2020. The world is looking more bleak by the second with the onset of the coronavirus coming to a town near you, and all the toilet paper being bought up. Everyone is quarantining themselves, and is scared to go to work.

I am still working at my company and need to go to work Monday-Friday. I see people everyday going over to the hand sanitizer dispenser near the elevator, even though that machine was hardly touched a week or two ago.

But you know what? Coronavirus has a way of keeping people apart, but bringing some groups together. This morning I just had a 30 minute conversation with 2 other co-workers about coronavirus fears and how everyone is buying all the toilet paper at Costco. We laughed, we debated, and we just vented all our thoughts out.

Funny how humans adapt to change, for the coronavirus we do it out of fear. But the recovery rate for the virus is high, so when this is all over, a bigger community of people will remain; a community that could converse more freely and who take better care of their hygiene, while also considering others.

I'm trying to look at the positives here, and I think that is important since so much of the media is already tackling the negative aspect of the virus (fear-mongering people into buying toilet paper).

Adapting to change is natural for any species, it is how we got to where we are today, and how we are still surviving. Without change, no progress will happen. Progress is what drives us forward in life and sometimes, even gives our life meaning.

Change does not need to be simply in the all-mankind sense, it can be as simple as applying to your own life. You don't like your environment? Change it! You find the people in your life are not contributing to your well-being? Talk to them about it or move on.

We are people of action, in any sphere of our lives. I recently decided to change my workout routine because, despite my best efforts to think I was getting stronger, my real goal was to lose weight. Now, I am doing a tabata routine with some strength moves (that takes about 20 minutes) and I feel I am progressing much more!

So whether you are experiencing life changes as a result of the coronavirus, which you probably are unless you are in Greenland, or just deciding to make a change in your own personal life, know that adapting is the only way forward. But we must continue pushing forward in order to go anywhere in life.

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